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Are you ready to buy, sell, or to design, build, rent and eco house or create your next eco home.  Join EcoFind if you want assistance to be first advised of great properties and projects, also use search to find eco property for sale


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EcoProperty is all about the environment and sustainability. Eco Real Estate and eco property services all around Australia that provides answers to green, enviro, healthy living, well being, the best environmental design, protection and promotion of natural resources.

To SHAPE property there are the 5 main ecoproperty® categories:  Land, Built, Community, Energy and Water. Use the Categories below to find what you need to design, build, furnish, fix, and visit property.  Join The EcoProperty Directory - it's free


EcoFIND to find houses, land, organic farms, lifestyle property, ecovillage/cohousing.

See latest issues for discussions and your input if you wish  - see the blog


Need designers an architects, building products and materials that support sustainable living, find great places to stay, find organisations that assist with organics and biodynamics to assist you to shape your property as sustainable property development and create eco friendly homes?

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Buy, sell, rent, lease ecoproperty and your eco home all around Australia and specialist services in NSW, Vic, Qld, Tas, WA, SA, NT, ACT




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